Nashville Police Launch Mask Crackdown

Officers are now enforcing the city's mask mandate, issuing dozens of tickets and making several arrests over the weekend. WSMV's Ryan Breslin reports.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV/NBC News) — Police officers are taking to the streets to enforce Nashville, Tennesee’s mask mandate.

Dozens of citations were issued over the weekend. At least four arrests were made.

Three teams of eight officers are out on the streets with an additional six officers on ATVs to patrol “transpotainment” vehicles. Officers plan to be out on Broadway until about midnight; all bars should close at 10 p.m.

Even with the mandate and threat of citations, some still made their way to Broadway Friday.

“We decided we were going to come anyway. We were going to come and enjoy our time and wear the masks and enjoy my friend’s 50th birthday and her daughter’s 21st,” said Natalie Andress of Arizona.

A few friends from Florida were also in town. They don’t agree they should have to wear the masks but say they’ll follow the order to not cause a problem or get a fine.

“I don’t think if you’re walking outside in the fresh air you should have to wear a mask. I think that, I understand if you go inside places but to have to wear it outside, it’s hot, it’s on and off, and I don’t think it’s necessary,” said Jennifer Petree.

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