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Good Samaritan Delivers Lost Wallet

A Florida woman's lost wallet makes it home from a shopping trip before she does thanks to a Good Samaritan captured on her doorbell camera. WTLV's Robert Bradfield reports.

(NBC News) — It has become a common occurrence. People posting a video from their doorbell camera often showing someone taking their property. That narrative was the opposite Saturday night at a woman’s home in Yulee. It started at the Walmart in River City in North Jacksonville. Debra Crosby lost her wallet and realized it when she was about to…

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine “Safe And Highly Effective”

The latest COVID-19 vaccine, a one-shot dose from Johnson & Johnson, could receive emergency use authorization by the end of the week. NBC's Alice Barr reports.

(NBC News) — A new weapon in the war against COVID-19 is now closer to being part of the arsenal. Food and Drug Administration staffers on Wednesday endorsed Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine, releasing data showing it’s safe overall and highly effective. “You are 85 percent protected against severe disease and 100 percent protected against hospitalizations and deaths,” notes Dr….

Teen Helps Teacher Get “Back On Track”

Minnesota teen raises funds for all-terrain wheelchair, allowing his favorite teacher to enjoy the outdoors. KMNF's Sean Morawczynski reports.

(KMNF/NBC News) — A Minnesota teacher will soon be enjoying the outdoors again thanks to the work of one of his students. Ryan Reineke helped raise thousands of dollars for an all-terrain wheelchair for his teacher, Joel Boehlke. “We transferred Ryan here in the middle of last year. He was having troubles at school and he came here and he…

Cold Case Confession Shocks Police

A Nevada man is facing three counts of open murder after he allegedly confessed to three killings in North Las Vegas in the 1990s. KSNV's Gabby Hart reports.

(KSNV/NBC News) — A 43-year-old Nevada man is facing three counts of open murder after he allegedly confessed to killings in North Las Vegas in the 1990s. On January 12, 2021, Las Vegas Metropolitain Police arrested Willis King Davis after catching him with a concealed weapon. As officers booked him for that offense, he told them he wanted to confess…

“Desi Damsels” Find Podcast Success

Inspired by long conversations during the early days of the pandemic, teens Khushi Bhatt and Samya Gajjar are sharing their friendship with the world, and quickly finding an audience. NBC's Chris Pollone reports.

(NBC News) — For North Carolina teens Khushi Bhatt and Samya Gajjar, life during the pandemic has lead to lots of deep conversations. The longtime friends and high school freshmen have whiled away the hours discussing everything from politics to all the fun they had during their grade school days. Then, they had an idea: Why not let more people…

“Ghost Kitchens” Rise Amid Pandemic Dining

Do you know where your last delivery meal was cooked? These days it can be increasingly hard to tell. NBC's Liz McLaughlin reports.

(NBC News) — Do you know where your last delivery meal was cooked? These days it can be increasingly hard to tell. The pandemic has many restaurants going all in on take out, and has spurred the growth of “ghost kitchens,” delivery-only or virtual brands that sometimes operate out of another brand’s location. Applebee’s recently launched Cosmic Wings, a delivery-only…

Intelligence Failures Cited In Capitol Attack

Former U.S. Capitol security officials say they did not receive an FBI warning describing the threat of violence prior to the deadly January 6th assault on Congress. NBC's Tracie Potts reports.

(NBC News) — A demand for cell phones and computers during the pandemic has led to manufacturing shortages. President Biden will meet with lawmakers Wednesday to discuss the issue, and he’s set to issue an executive order reviewing the U.S. supply chain. COVID-19 vaccinations and economic relief also remain a top focus. Vaccine shipments are up 70 percent since President…

Tiger Woods Hospitalized After Rollover Crash

Rescue crews used the "jaws of life" to extract Woods from the wreckage after the single vehicle crash. NBC's Dan Scheneman reports.

(NBC News) — Golfer Tiger Woods was hospitalized Tuesday after sustaining serious injuries in a rollover crash near Los Angeles. Los Angeles County firefighters reported used the “jaws of life” to extract woods from the wreckage following the single vehicle crash near Rancho Palos Verdes early Tuesday morning. He was the only person in the car. Mark Steinberg, Woods’ agent,…

Balloon Business Blows Up

The days of simple helium balloons welcoming guests to an event are giving way to elaborately crafted displays. NBC's Dan Scheneman reports.

(NBC News) — Nothing says a party like balloons: Big, beautiful and colorful. But the days of helium balloons welcoming guests to an event are gone and have been replaced by elaborate displays. They aren’t the simple arrangements you’re used to seeing at a child’s birthday party, but huge installations that include hundreds or even thousands of balloons. Amber Ford…

Sniffing Out COVID-19

Dogs have been used to detect drugs, explosives and humans for years. Now they're being trained to sniff out COVID-19 as well. KPNX's Mitch Carr reports.

(NBC News) — Man’s best friend is taking his spot on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. The Miami Heat made news in January by becoming the first pro sports team in the United States to use COVID-sniffing dogs. This allowed the team to welcome fans into American Airlines Arena while many other pro sports teams continue to…