Dog hoarding, severe abuse & fireworks flood animal shelter

Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society gain 150 animals in two days

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Monday, the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society told News 40, “In only two days, we had over 150 intakes, and for the week we had at least over 300.”

The Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society usually sees higher pet numbers in the summer time, but the start of July 2022 has been an influx like no other.

“We have four cat rooms going on up here in our intake facility,” reporter BGWCHS Adoption Counselor Katlyn Hare. “And we have two down here in our adoption center. All of those are full. So, we definitely have plenty to choose from. Up in our intake building we have up to six to seven dogs in a kennel right now, because that’s just all we can do, as far as space goes.”

Hare says their extremely high numbers stem from a series of unfortunate events. To start, one owner alone recently introduced 36 new dogs.

“We had a hoarder,” Hare explained. “And [the dogs] were all in really, really bad condition because they all had to fight each other for space and for food. They had hair loss. They were covered in fleas and ticks. They were just pitiful.”

Another factor, News 40 reported a severe animal abuse case out of Edmonson County. The Humane Society took in the remaining survivors – ten hound dogs.

“They are so sweet. All they want is just to be loved. They get so happy when we go over there to their kennels,” Hare said. “They had really, really upset stomachs when they came here. They were left to eat their dead littermates. We saw pictures from the area, and we saw the dogs everywhere, and that’s what he said to use for dog food.”

The last reason for the influx, Hare says Independence Day fireworks fill their kennels annually with scared, run away pets.

Thanks to microchipping, though, a few happy reunions have already happened.

“If you’re looking for an animal right now, we have plenty to choose from, so come out and adopt,” Hare encouraged.