Brownsville man arrested on animal cruelty charges for third time

BROWNSVILLE, Ky. – An Edmonson County man is behind bars after authorities say they discovered multiple signs of animal cruelty.

Around noon on Thursday, June 30, Edmonson County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by Grayson County Sheriff Norman Chaffins and a Grayson County animal control officer in relation to Greg K. Rigdon, 60, of Brownsville having multiple dogs on his property that were not fed or given water.

When an Edmonson County Sheriff’s deputy arrived at the 400-block of Indian Creek Road, contact was made with Rigdon, and he agreed to show the deputy his animals. A release by Edmonson County Sheriff’s Office stated authorities discovered multiple dogs that were severely malnourished with no food or water.

Authorities further stated some of the dogs had rotting animals or bones of animals in their cages, which Rigdon stated he had put in there for the dogs to eat on. Rigdon had one empty bag of dog food and stated to the deputy that no other dog food was on the property, according to the release.

Rigdon was arrested on scene and charged with cruelty to animals, second degree (five counts).

A short time later, an Edmonson County Sheriff’s deputy was contacted by Edmonson County Animal Control that more dead dogs had been found on the property, according to authorities. The sheriff’s office stated the animal control officer had found a mummified dog inside of a doghouse with a collar and chain still around its neck—there were no signs of food or water inside that doghouse. Additionally, there were multiple dog collars found, along with the skeletal remains of the dogs, stated authorities.

Rigdon was also charged with torture of a dog or cat with serial physical injury or death.

Rigdon was lodged in Hart County Jail.

Edmonson County Sheriff’s Office stated this incident is the third time Rigdon has been charged with cruelty to animals. The first incident was in Hart County, followed by Grayson County.