WKU announces scholarship program for children of alumni

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Western Kentucky University has recently announced a new scholarship program for children and grandchildren of Western alumni. 

Any full-time, first year freshmen whose parents or grandparents are WKU graduates qualify for the in-state tuition rate under the WKU family scholarship. 

This means that no matter if they live in New York, California or anywhere else in the country, they can attend the university at the same cost as a student who lives in Kentucky, instead of the out of state tuition rate. 

“We owe it to our graduates. These are individuals who came to WKU themselves. Most of our alumni are still very passionate about this place. They may have moved out of the area for a job or for other family responsibilities but they want their children or their grandchildren to be able to have access to the same WKU experience that they did,” said Jace Lux, Director of Recruitment and Admissions. 

For more information on these scholarships go to wku.edu.