WIC modernizing its program with new app

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- There may soon be some relief for families struggling to buy groceries.

The WIC program is becoming a little more modern and helping people in the program become more organized. They created the WIC Shopper app to help users keep track of their grocery spending and the amount of calories they consume to increase health awareness.

According to WIC coordinator Lana McChesney, “It’s just a good place to keep all of you WIC information together. Of course, most folks have a smartphone these days, not everyone, but most folks do, so I will say our patients do enjoy using the WIC app. Again, it just makes life easier for them.”

The app also lets you know the locations where the WIC program is accepted.

To learn more about the app and how it can benefit you, visit https://www.barrenriverhealth.org/.