Students learn fire safety

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Students at Western Kentucky University had to opportunity to learn about fire safety on campus.

This month is campus fire safety month.

In recognition, the Bowling Green Fire Department showed up in Centennial Mall to teach students the best way to handle a kitchen fire.

Students were also taught how to use a fire extinguisher in a simulator.

“I hope I never have to use it but it’s good to know,” said Luis Dominguez, a WKU student.

Millie the fire dog also made an appearance.

Not only is fire prevention important, but minimizing potential damage is something everyone can do.

“Any time you leave your home or bedroom, close the door behind you, that can stop the spread of a fire and also limit the damage of a fire that is already happening,” said Adam Updegraff, Bowling Green Fire Department.

Other ways you can practice fire safety is by double checking that candles are put out, hair styling tools and kitchen appliances are turned off before you leave the house every day.