Walk for Water raises funds for Haiti

An inspiring and beneficial initiative.

That’s what one Bowling Green restaurant says they are standing behind.

Now, they’re calling on the community for support.

That’s with an incredible opportunity to save lives in a neighboring country right here in Bowling Green.

Something two owners of a Bistro in town have grown extremely passionate about.

We’re talking about the Walk for Water Haiti effort.

In Haiti, a child dies every 26 seconds because they don’t have clean water.

But it was Grant Cline’s mission to change that, who brought Walk for Water to the BG area and has recently passed away.

Now his wife, Windy Cline, continues to grow the legacy he left behind.

On Sunday, September 16th at 2:00 pm, the BGKY Walk 4 Water will be held at Preston Miller Park in memory of Grant Cline.

For the cost of a bottle of water, on average 2 dollars, Healing Hands can provide clean water to one person for a lifetime.

We spoke to the co-owner of the Bike Rack Bistro, Patrick Folker.

Patrick and his wife, Crystal Folker, have both partnered with Walk 4 Water since opening the restaurant.

They are also family friends with Grant Cline and his wife, Windy.

He became emotional telling us how important Walk 4 Water is to him, the passion evident in his voice.

Folker says, "Water brings life. If we can’t help with the simplest needs of water, why are we here?"

Today, 10% of the proceeds that the Bike Rack Bistro earns will go towards the walk for water Haiti effort.

You can get more info on the Walk 4 Water Facebook page, www.walk4water.org.