Vandals deface Old Richardsville Road Bridge

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – History lovers are upset after a historic Bowling Green landmark is now vandalized.

The Old Richardsville Road Bridge in Bowling Green is a long standing piece of history. 

Vandals tagged this bridge with graffiti over the weekend.

Spray paint and broken plates now litter the wooden planks. 

Unfortunately, there are no security cameras close enough to the bridge to determine who the vandals are. 

Warren County Public Works Director Josh Moore said, “It’s just disappointing. It’s a setback we wish we didn’t have.”

Warren County Public Works has labored since August to repair the bridge, and restorations were set to finish in only a few days. 

“At the end of the day, it’s their own neighbors they’re hurting by doing such things,” said Moore. “It’s just senseless.”

The defamation also hurt local tourism. Convention & Visitors Bureau Communications Director Nora Bryant said the bridge has lured tourists to the town for over a century with its supernatural rumors. 

“It’s only heartbreaking and sad to see something that is so iconic destroyed,” said Bryant.

Bryant wishes the pranksters only knew and respected the significance of this place. 

“I’m sure they didn’t know how important and how cherished that bridge is to the local community as well as the people that visit Bowling Green,” said Bryant.

The long awaited post-construction opening ceremony of the bridge will now be pushed back to a later date. People with information about this incident please call the Bowling Green Police Department.