WKU Marching Band invited to take on London

WARREN COUNTY, Ky.- The WKU Big Red marching band is going to the London New Year’s Day Parade.

Director of WKU band athletics Matthew McCurry says, “It’s very exciting. What we try and do is create these experiences for these students to just help them create memories and love what they do in the band and get them out in the communities and travel and all that, so this is an incredible opportunity for us.”

With over 500,000 people attending and over 500 million people watching, the students are beyond amazed.

Alison Schimnell, the flute and piccolo section leader, says, “I’m just ecstatic, like I’ve always wanted to travel abroad. I just haven’t gotten the opportunity to, so to have the opportunity to do it with like my family and my best friend, it means the world to me.”

Many band members know that this is more than an opportunity- this is exactly where they need to be.

Caroline Wagner, the drumline section leader, says, “I went to one of the football games and instead of being on the sidelines, I looked out into the band, and I just knew that that’s what I had to be apart of. This is crazy. I never would’ve been able to do this if I wasn’t apart of this band, and to know I’m going to be there for a full week doing exactly what I like doing, it’s just crazy. I can’t even fathom it.”

The WKU marching band has accepted the invitation, and London is ready and waiting on Kentucky to arrive in 2025.

“It feels absolutely amazing. I love the atmosphere. I love the energy, I love the excitement, and I know how great they are. So I am very excited, because we are going to bring them to London and have them perform at our amazing event. It feels great,” says Steve Summers, chairman of The London New Years Parade.