Teranga Academy’s first day

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Teranga Academy started their first day if school today in Bowling Green. The Teranga Academy here in Kentucky was made possible by a partnership by between Bowling Green Independent School District and the non-profit organization known as Fugees Family, Inc.

Luma Mufleh, the founder and CEO of Fugees Family was in attendance for the first day to see kids off to class. In an interview with News 40, Mufleh said that while Bowling Green was not on there radar at first, after a suggestion by a co-worker she visited the city, met with BGIS and decided that Bowling Green was the perfect location for the first of many stakes into the public school system. Mufleh added that she was excited to be in Bowling Green and is looking forward to the school year.

At the core of the Teranga Academy are the ideals of fun and community, so start off the first day, activities were held outside such as building towers out of marshmallows, duck-duck-goose, and soccer ball passing. Though many students do not speak the same language, soccer is a large part of their culture and something that all of them understand very well. Daniel Tarnagda, the head soccer coach at Teranga said that “it’s not just soccer for them, it’s a way to express themselves.” Tarnagda also said the school will have their own soccer team and play against other teams in the area.

With Teranga Academy being partnered with BGIS, they are also granted the opportunity to participate in other extracurriculars such as band, chess club, or any other school sponsored activity that might pique their interest.