Stay safe on black ice! KSP and BG Public Works talk road safety

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Snow, tornadoes and sunshine? Who knows for certain what weather is next?

So, better safe than sorry to prepare for any conditions, especially on the roads.

Kentucky State Police Post 3’s Trooper Daniel Priddy said that any time there is snow, sleet or rain on the road, your tires lose their friction, making it harder to come to a stop.

“In weather like this, we work a lot of collisions out there,” said Priddy. “So, for the safety of us and the other occupants we’re out with and for us, we want people to try to slow down.”

Also, Bowling Green Public Works department is helping Bowling Green drivers stay safe.

They already poured salt brine on the roads – a preventative salt solution that stops snow from sticking to the ground and forming black ice.

Public Works used the salt brine to cover hilly areas, busy roadways, and essential emergency entrances.

“It’s just what we do,” said Public Works director Greg Meredith. “It’s an essential service to keep our economy going and keep people working and keep people traveling safely to the doctor, to the grocery store, or to the place they need to be.”

Of course, drivers can rest easy knowing if snow sticks, trucks will come out to cover the streets in road salt as well.

But what’s the best way to stay safe from slick roads?

‘If you don’t have to travel, don’t,” said Meredith.