Spring into action: embrace intentional planting: SoKY’s birds & bees need you!

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The University of Kentucky Warren County Agriculture Extension Monarch Waystation is shaping up for springtime. However, these Master Gardeners have a bigger goal than beautifying the area.

“Our Monarch Waystation is planted with purpose,” explained Master Gardner Kathee Morgeson. “Everything that we plant here is either for nectar to attract the butterflies or for the host plant, because we care about the fact that we’re losing our pollinators, we’re losing our butterflies, our insects are very important for the biodiversity of everything else. Everything is connected.”

They hope you’ll join along this spring by making an oasis for SoKY’s bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and insects.

UK Agriculture Extension Agent of Horticulture Kristin Hildabrand added, “The whole goal of the project is so that other homeowners and residents will implement their this in their own gardens and landscapes so that they can do their part for attracting more pollinators in their community.”

These Master Gardeners have no shortage of tips when it comes to intentional planting.

Master Gardner Intern Kim Buckman explained how plants like the coral honeysuckle, “attract hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. They love the color. They love the nectar. It’s a native plant, which is what you want. The invasive plants put out the roots actually put out a substance that kills the plants around it. So, it’s very important to go with native plants.”

Morgeson added, “A bubbler is meant to attract butterflies and other insects. Butterflies have to have a source of water, and running water attracts them.”

If you’re game for intentional planting but have no clue where to start, Buckman recommends you, “Look up Kentucky natives and look up resistant disease-resistant, pest-resistant plants that are easy to grow. And it should give you a whole list of them.”