SoKY Patriots are raising money for good deeds with T-shirts

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The SoKY Patriots are raising money toward their organization with T-shirt sales on their Facebook page.  

All of the money from these sales goes back to the patriots who work with veterans, as well as feed the hungry in Warren County with their food backpack program and help disabled people in the community by building ramps and providing other helpful resources.

The SoKY Patriots usually raise their funding through the year with a variety of fundraising events, but when the pandemic shut down access to the public, it made it hard for these do-gooders to raise money to serve others without the income last year’s events would have brought in. 

SoKY Patriots Veteran Representative Michael Bessette said that for many of the kids who receive food backpacks, that’s the best meal they’re going to have all day. 

“We’ve got so much food anxiety right now that a backpack full of food, you know a kid thinks they’ve got it made,” said Bessette.

You can visit the SoKY Patriot’s Facebook page or their website to find these shirts and help the organization raise money or join the organization yourself.