Soky Fair track races rev up the intensity

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – These last few nights, the Soky Fair racetrack has been filled with daring drivers, flying metal scraps, huge cheering crowds and lots and lots of dirt. 

Monday night, oval track racing brought in 40 cars. Tuesday’s Figure 8 race night brought 30, and both nights brought the fair over $2,000. Wednesday night was another figure 8 race as well. 

Tuesday’s Mini figure 8 race night winner Jonathan Molloy has his roots planted in Bowling Green. His father was a long time figure 8 driver at Beech Bend, and Molloy said it brings him joy to both follow in his dad’s footsteps and win in his home territory. 

“Feels pretty good. Being at home, you know, I know pretty much everybody who comes out and watches this event. I’ve known them ever since I was a little kid. A lot of the older people who are out here knew my dad and raced with him. Some of their sons are out here, so it’s pretty exciting to know the same little kids growing up have now fallen in the footsteps of their moms and dads,” said Molloy.

Fair Track Co-Chairman Kim Proctor has been in the racing world her whole life. She worked at Beech Bend for 18 years, and now she’s starting to see the younger generations take behind the wheels.

“I watched their parents race. So, now I’m seeing their kids race. So yeah, it’s a homecoming for me,” said Proctor.

Thursday night the Proctor and the rest of the Jaycees will put on a small compact car demo derby, Friday will bring the grand finale with the big car demo derby. 

“If you want to come see a good old fashioned demo derby, be here Thursday night. Be here Friday night, because the attitude, the electricity will be out of this world. Everybody’s excited to be out of this world,” said Proctor.

People looking to enter and maybe win some prize money can bring their vehicles to the Soky Fair racetrack Thursday and Friday night around 5 p.m.

Drivers pay $35 admission. Grandstands are $12 per person while pits cost $22.