Road Rage Goes Medieval

Angry driver threatens Texas mom and kids with bow and arrow after getting stuck in slow construction traffic.

PASADENA, Texas (NBC News) — A road rage incident with a medieval flair unfolded Tuesday morning on the streets of Pasadena, Texas when An angry driver allegedly threatened a mom and her kids with a bow and arrow.

Ami Arteche was headed to the dentist’s office with her two girls, ages 3 and 10, when she ran into construction.

It forced her into a slow-moving, single lane, she said.

She said she slowed down, and that is when she noticed the driver following closely behind her became agitated.

“He’s mad cause I need to go slow,” Arteche said. “I can’t go left or right.”

Once they passed the roadwork, Arteche said the driver pulled up beside her truck and threatened her.

“I look over, and he rolls down his window halfway, and he points, and I can read his lips, ‘I’ll f-ing kill you.’” Arteche said. “When he first pointed to me, it looked like a gun. But then, when it goes sideways, and he’s shaking like this, I can see it’s bowed.”

She said it appeared the driver had a 15-pound compound bow with arrows in his hands, and an arrow appeared to be in the bow.

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