Revving up risk: Kentucky’s warmer weather fuels concerns over motorcycle accidents

1575 KY motorcycle crashes in 2022

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – As the spring motorcycle season revs up, drivers of all types are now more likely to be sharing the road with bikers.

In 2022, there were just under 1,600 motorcycle crashes in Kentucky. This means bikers, on average, experienced just under five crashes on our Kentucky roadways every day of the year.

“Motorcyclists are going to be out more and more as we head into the summer season,” said Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Wes Watt. “Certainly with the increase of the number of motorcycles and the number of rides people are taking, the increase of crashes involving motorcycles could go up.”

So, as the weather continues warming, be watchful, because often bike riders are lucky to only walk away with a fender bender if there’s a crash.

Watt adds, “The motorcyclists are very, very vulnerable compared to those in the passenger vehicle.”

“This time of year, especially with it starting to be 70 and 80 degrees out, the roadways will be full of bikers,” shared Harley-Davidson Bowling Green General Manager B.J. Wilborn. “And I just ask that you look twice.”

To motorcyclists, Wilborn says constant vigilance and extra precautions are the keys to safety.

“It’s our responsibility to also do our part: ride by the rules of the road and look twice. It’s always a good thing to put on a helmet… So, I feel like [as motorcyclists, our job is] doing our part and informing the community around us and making sure that they know we’re there.”

Watt concluded, “Hopefully everybody can have a fun and safe riding season, and we can keep those crashes at a bare minimum.”