PTSD counselors train to help tornado victims

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – An urgent need for Bowling Green’s community has already begun to appear with the training of mental health professionals to focus on PTSD specific trauma. 

Accelerated Resolution Therapy was already scheduled for a trauma specific workshop before last weekend’s deadly storms. 

Now, with the added element of the tornado, the training couldn’t be more timely. 

Soon, Alliance Counseling Associates will work closely with Warren County Public Schools to provide PTSD counseling. 

They said they’re already seeing and expecting rises in their client numbers after last Saturday. 

Alliance Counseling Associates said many people benefit from this form of therapy, because people don’t have to share much trauma to heal.

They said it helps desensitize people from fear-based images and benefits anyone who has experienced trauma in their lives, from children to adults. 

Clinical Social Worker Julie Stender explained, “What happens after a traumatic incident is almost like we get caught in a hyper vigilant state where every cloud looks like a tornado cloud. So, what we hope to do by attenuating the PTSD symptoms is to return people to a state of healthy vigilance, but not being fearful that every time that the sky gets gray that something horrible could happen again.”

Starting in January, Alliance Counseling Associates will run two support groups for first responders and two support groups for community members each week.

Alliance Counseling Associates will train additional therapists in February as well.

Links to reach out include:

Phone: 270-904-6567