Primary election day in Warren County

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – It’s a civic duty some say, others say they couldn’t care less but it is a way to make your opinion heard.

Democracy is one of the many things that make the United States a unique place to live and in the United Sates, citizens are able to vote for leaders in the local community, state and the overall country they live. Some people say it doesn’t matter but there are some like Elinor Markle who say it’s a right that should always be exercised.

Markle voiced that it’s a chance to make your ideas a reality, voting for someone you feel like you can identify with. She said a lot of passionate words but in an interview with the station, she left News 40 with an old addage. Paraphrasing a bit, she said you shouldn’t complain if you aren’t making an effort to change how things are.