Pest control changes in Simpson County

SIMPSON COUNTY, Ky. – It’s definitely mosquito season across the state, and in Simpson County, they’re changing their habits a little.

News 40 spoke to Mason Barnes about the changes that the county is going through. Barnes serves as Simpson County’s judge-executive and said that it’s a regulation that, for one, should be followed and two, saves a good chunk of money for the county.

Barnes said that the license for the county applicators only extends to the county right of ways, and so that’s as far as they’ll be spraying. Barnes said in years past, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see a work truck in your neighbor’s driveway, but that’s out of the question now after new information came in this year from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

On top of “going out of bounds,” Barnes said only about 5% of the county ever requested mosquito spraying services. To him and the rest of the fiscal court, it just didn’t make sense to spend that amount of money on just 5% of people and it wasn’t working that well anyway.”