Nonprofit shares winter homelessness struggles

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – With colder weather making its way in, one organization tells News 40 the ways homeless people need extra help.

United Way of Southern Kentucky in Bowling Green said that around this time of year, people need more help with utility bills and food for themselves and their families around the holidays.

They also see people who experience job loss around the holiday season struggling to make rent and mortgage payments. 

United Way’s 2-1-1 Call Center answers dozens of calls a day, many callers asking for help finding food. They help connect those people to the right nonprofit that can help their individual needs. 

The need for volunteers is crucial as the temperatures continues to drop. 

United Way Marketing & Communications Director Elizabeth Newbould said, “This time of year, some of us have more freedom in our schedule with the holidays coming up. So, if people are able to volunteer, whether it’s for a few distribution or with a local nonprofit, being able to do that really helps.”

Nonprofits can submit their applications to United Way to work together helping people in need.