No Ladders Needed: World’s Tallest Firefighter

At 7-feet tall, Brandon Berridge may be the tallest firefighter in the world. WSMV's Terry Bulger reports.

TULLAHOMA, Tenn. (WSMV/NBC News) — Representatives with the Guinness Book of World Records recently visited Tullahoma, Tennessee and brought a measuring stick with them.

Tullahoma firefighter Brandon Berridge could break a world record.

Berridge stands 7-feet tall, which could make him the tallest firefighter in the world.

“He goes by ‘Shorty.’ If he hears ‘Shorty,’ he comes running,” one of his colleagues says.

“I got another one too,” Berridge says. “One of the officers calls me Aflac because I got to duck all the time.”

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