New restaurant Knotty Pretzel is opening downtown

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A new brick and mortar restaurant is opening up in Bowling Green soon and they will be selling pretzels.

The Knotty Pretzel has been operating using a rented kitchen in Alvaton for the past year and a half, but now, owner Chelsea Adams said she is ready to have a place for customers to come inside and enjoy.

According to Adams, after the move, they will be expanding their menu and are considering options such as stuffed pretzels and the return of the mini hot dog pretzels.

This locally owned pretzel diner will be located  near Fountain Square Park.

Adams said she has a lot of fun baking pretzels and coming up with delicious toppings to add.

“I love downtown. I think it’s a great community. I love Bowling Green in general. I mean, to watch it grow from when I was a baby until now, get to watch my brothers graduate [from] Western, I think it is a great place to live, let alone, now have a business that can either help the community come together, socialize, obviously we would create a few jobs. I would love to be able to expand and create more jobs,” said Adam.

The official open date has not been set as Adams is waiting for last minute touches to be completed in their new space, but says she hopes to be open by May 8 for Social on the Square.