New quake brings fresh losses to residents of Turkey, Syria

"As I walk the streets, memories flood back to me - memories of a life once full of the sounds of children's laughter and the warmth of my neighbors. But now, it's hard to comprehend how everything was suddenly destroyed." -Volunteer Hala Assi (Source: The White Helmets/@SyriaCivilDef/Twitter)

ISTANBUL (AP) — Survivors of the earthquake that jolted Turkey and Syria 15 days ago are dealing with more trauma and loss after another strong quake and aftershocks rocked the region. The 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck Monday evening had its epicenter in the Defne district of Turkey’s Hatay province, which was of the area’s most affected by the Feb. 6 magnitude 7.8 quake that killed nearly 46,000 people in the two countries. Turkey’s disaster management authority said the new quake killed six people and injured 294 others. Pro-government media outlets in Syria said a woman and a girl died as a result of panic during Monday’s earthquake.