New Jersey Shooting A “violent anti-semitic hate crime”

Investigators say attack that left police officer, three civilians and two suspects dead was planned in advance.

Jersey City, N.J. – Authorities have confirmed that a kosher deli was the target of Tuesday’s deadly attack in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Newly released surveillance video shows the suspects, guns drawn, walking into the Jewish market.

Police arrived within minutes. Hundreds of rounds of gunfire were exchanged during a standoff that lasted hours.

The suspects, identified as David Anderson, 47, and Francine Graham, 50, were killed in the firefight, but not before taking the lives of three people inside the kosher market.

The deadly killing spree began about a mile away from the store, where 39-year-old Joe Seals, a Jersey City police detective, was shot and killed by the pair. Authorities say the two attackers are prime suspects in the death of another man whose body was found in a car trunk over the weekend.