National nonprofit helps out Bowling Green Humane Society; need volunteers to help

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Greater Good Charities chose to build extensions onto the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society for the animals. They were supposed to begin work on the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society when COVID first struck last year, and now, coming out of the pandemic, they can finally begin their work. 

Rescue Rebuild, a program of Greater Good Charities, works alongside volunteers to build animal shelters, homeless shelter, domestic violence shelters.

They have a couple of projects in mind at the Bowling Green location. They will add new play yards for dogs that currently don’t have them, improve their existing play yards, and build an outdoor catio so the cats can go outdoors and get some fresh air.

Best of all, they will finish all of the construction in only two weeks by working long and hard in the summer heat to provide the best for these animals so they can pack up and move on to help the next shelter.

Senior Director of Rescue Rebuild Zach Baker said Greater Good Charities is like Habitat for Humanity for pets.

“All these things are for the mental well-being of the animals. A tired animal is a happy animal, and so anything we can do to make these animals more personable to adopters is huge. Exercise, enrichment, all those things are amazing for getting animals adopted faster,” said Baker.

To volunteer to help out with the construction, people can sign up on the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society Facebook page.