Natcher Elementary students learn Safety 101 from the pros

KY Safe Schools Week

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Students across the Commonwealth are celebrating Kentucky School Safety Week. 

Warren County Public Schools’ Natural Elementary School kindergarten students are now safety experts after gleaning some firsthand tips from the pros. 

Their friends with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office sat them down Thursday to teach them all about gun safety, how to recognize an officer’s uniform and stranger danger.

WCPS School Safety Coordinator Steve Chappell said, “The kids think a stranger somebody that’s creepy, that’s mean, that might have a black hoodie or something like that. And we let them know a stranger is anybody…”

Beyond the basics, the officers made sure the kids knew that law officers are always their friends who want to keep them safe.

“Some of these children come from different backgrounds, different cultures, that don’t have many interactions, or they might have interactions that are negative with police officers,” explained Chappell. “So, we just want them to know that they can come and talk to us anytime.” 

What better way to connect with a group of six-year-olds than showing off your police cruiser?

WCPS School Resource Officer John Houghton turned on his cruiser’s lights, blared the siren, and even showed off his police radio to the kids.

“They just think it was the greatest thing,” said Houghton. “And I put the siren on and of course, everybody jumped, but they loved it. They that’s fun stuff for them.”

Next Monday, students will start up Red Ribbon Week, learning how to ‘Just Say No’.