Minister Convicted Of Child Rape Could Soon Be Set Free

The Ohio Parole Board is hearing a petition that could set convicted child rapist and former televangelist Billy Wasmus, sentenced to 220 years in prison, free. WCMH's Colleen Marshall reports.

(NBC News) — The Ohio Parole Board is hearing a petition this week that could set a convicted child rapist free, But a man who helped send William Wasmus to prison is trying to convince the Parole Board that he needs to stay behind bars.

William Wasmus was a Grove City evangelical minister who conducted services on Public Access Television back in 1994.

“He referred to himself as God’s prophet in the land of the last days,” says former church member Dave Wexler. “His ministry was a miracle healing ministry.”

Wexler later discovered Wasmus was using his ministry to connect with children who he molested and even raped.

Wexler and his wife first saw Bill Wasmus on television and started attending services at his church. Wexler says sometime later the minister claimed to have a prophesy that Wexler’s wife should leave him. She did and after the Wexler’s divorced she married Rev. Wasmus.

A few years later, as Wexler was dropping his children off at his ex-wife’s house when she asked him for a favor.

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