Massive cleanup efforts underway after severe storms hit SoKY

Fallen trees, power outages, and debris block roadways across the region

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Cleanup has only just begun here in South Central Kentucky.

Widespread property damage damage was left in the wake of SoKY’s Friday storms.

These strong gales even dropped Scottsville Road’s White Castle sign onto someone’s car.

The powerful gusts left thousands in the area without power through much of Friday afternoon and evening.

Bowling Green resident Greg Worthington was inside his home on Hillcrest when he heard a loud thwack.

“So, I looked out and this tree had come across the road and the sidewalk came up. It just it’s crazy.”

Joining the forming crowd overlooking the fallen tree, Worthington noticed a historical remnant in the rubbish.

“This house was built in 1840, and this plaque commemorates that,” Worthington said, holding the historical plaque. “I’m going to take it in the house until somebody can have a chance to put it back up.”

Help came quickly on the way, but Hillcrest Street was just one of many stops for Bowling Green Public Works.

“Yes, we’ve been all over the city so far getting multiple trees,” said Bowling Green Public Works Crew Leader Josh Miller.

You won’t believe how long BGPW says their cleanup list printed out to be.

“Nearly four pages long,” admitted Miller. “Everybody is all hands on deck.”

Regional law enforcement agencies banded together and have been working hard to clean up your roadways.

Warren County Sheriff’s Office’s Sheriff Brett Hightower said, “So we’re trying to get out to all these as fast as we can. We’re responding to a lot of vehicle accidents right now and just a lot of debris that has been blocking roadways. Just a lot of issues in particular when it comes to this response.”