Looking for Fido after the fireworks? Professionals offer tips

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society has seen a huge rise in stray animals being turned in ever since the increase of fireworks in the area.

They say that since the fireworks began, they get anywhere between 40 to 60 pets each day, and only somewhere around 20 percent of animals are claimed back by their owners.

For those who have lost or found a pet recently, the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society advised to visit their Facebook page, Warren County Kentucky Lost and Found Pets where people can either post pictures of animals they have lost or found in the area.

They also have a pager phone for people to call when they find stray dogs, so make sure to check the shelter.

People can also visit the shelter to see if their pet has been turned in.

Bowling Green Warren County Adoption Counselor Emily Tobitt said having a collar on your pets with an up to date phone number or microchipping them leads to much higher reunion percentages.

“The numbers are drastically better if they’re micro chipped then if they’re not. As long as, you know, the contact information linked with the microchip is updated, we can pretty much guarantee they’ll get back home if they have a microchip,” said Tobitt.