Locked In The Gym: Man Learns “24 Hour Fitness” Isn’t Always 24 Hours

Utah man goes viral after finding himself locked in 24 Hour Fitness after the gym cut back its hours.

UTAH (NBC News) — A Utah man has gone viral after learning that his 24 Hour Fitness location changed its hours the hard way.

“There’s the irony on one hand. It’s 24 Hour Fitness,” said Dan Hill, who was locked in the gym by himself Sunday morning.

He wasn’t surprised that no one was around when he got out of the pool after midnight. He’s used to seeing the gym fairly empty when he visits around those hours. But he never expected to find no one.

“The music was still blaring and that’s why I thought there’s gotta be someone still here,” Hill said. “I went through every square inch of that place looking for someone.”

Hill realized he missed notices on the gym’s door showing the Sandy and other select locations were now closing at midnight because of low usage among other factors, according to a statement from 24 Hour Fitness.

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