Local attorney sings praises of Biden decision to fire Social Security Commissioner

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Last Friday, President Biden fired the nation’s Social Security Commissioner after his refusal to resign.  

Former commissioner Andrew Saul was appointed head of Social Security back in 2019 during the Trump administration, and his term was supposed to last until 2025. 

In Bowling Green, Democratic and Republican leaders expressed differing opinions about Biden’s decision. 

“We’re disappointed but unfortunately not surprised by this latest unprecedented and dangerous politicization of the Social Security Administration by President Biden… After four years of outrage from Democrats and the media over the Trump Administration’s hiring and firing political appointees, it’s a shame that now they’re trying to reverse course – just to score political points and attack Republicans again,” Republican Party of Kentucky Spokesman Mike Lonergan said.

On the other hand, Bowling Green Attorney Dan Rudloff disagreed with the former commissioner, saying his actions indirectly caused Southcentral Kentuckians and others around the nation to struggle to obtain social security benefits, return to work from quarantine too early and delay citizen’s $14,000 stimulus check this year.

“Locally, the replacement of Secretary Saul will probably result in some efficiencies that should allow applicants for Social Security to either get their benefits quicker or get a hearing before a judge quicker,” said Rudloff.