Leave the critters be in 2023! ‘Fawn-napping’ & raccoon raising harm wildlife

SOUTHCENTRAL Ky, – Everyone loves a good Samaritan, but when it comes to helping wildlife, sometimes lending a hand does more harm than good.

Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary says they see cases of ‘fawn-napping’ every year.

“We call it ‘fawn napping’,” said Chrissy Nichols with the sanctuary. “And it’s just people that think that they’re helping the fawn. They believe that the fawn has been abandoned and in reality, it hasn’t. So, at that point, they’re bringing us a healthy fawn. And at that point, there’s a good chance to after a couple of hours if we try and put the baby back that Mama won’t come back. She’ll think that her baby is just gone.”

Last year alone the sanctuary saw over a dozen perfectly healthy baby fawns turned it.

“People are not aware that a lot of times Mama Deer will leave their fawns for up to 24 hours just cause she knows that it’s a safe area and that baby is OK.”

Another issue  Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary would like to see less off in 2023 is raccoon raising.

“People see baby raccoons and they say, ‘Oh my gosh! It’s so cute. I wanna keep it. I wanna feed it,'” said Nichols. “But when they start to reach the fully grown adult age, it’s kind of like an instinct starts to kick in in the brain to where they’re more aggressive. They are more destructive. A lot of times they’ll tear up people’s houses. There is a definite chance of it biting somebody, of it scratching somebody. It could be very aggressive with any visitors that you have in your home.”

So, if you see an animal you think might be a need, take a minute to call your local rehabilitator before lending a hand.