Jody Richards honored at SKyPAC with plaque

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Thursday morning the Arts of Southern Kentucky in Bowling Green honored former Speaker of the Kentucky House of Representatives Jody Richards at The SKyPAC Grand Plaza.

They unveiled a commemorative bronze plaque honoring the longest serving Kentucky Speaker of the House. The plaque expressed the organization’s gratitude for Richard’s role in securing funding for the construction of The SKyPAC. 

“It means the world to me, and I’m so humbled and honored that the community would do this, and I’m so proud of SKyPAC,” Richards said.

The SKYPAC building faced major financial hurdles during its construction. Jody Richards advocated for a $6.77 million dollar appropriation from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the building became a reality.

Richards said he fought so hard for this building to be as grand as it is, because he wanted to expose the kids here to our own local performing arts.

“School children were having to go out of this community 70 miles away to a performing arts center. We’re better than that,” said Richards.

Mayor Todd Alcott says those who know Richards’ character can attest that this honoring was long overdue.

“You know, we all loved Jody Richards. One can say he’s a Democrat, one can say he’s a Republican, but really he’s a Kentucky in. He’s a gentleman. He loves Bowling Green. He loves Kentucky. He loves his community,” said Alcott.

Richards said, “We’re able to have music and shows that are Broadway quality here in south-central Kentucky, and it’s a great addition to our community. And I certainly appreciate the kind words that were said today.”