Ice versus car: are you prepared for round two?

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – As many Southcentral Kentucky residents experienced Thursday, driving on ice is no easy feat.

At Plum Springs Garage off of Scottsville Road, technicians are already preparing for dints and dings caused by the match up between Southern drivers versus icy roads.

“I’m sure there will be some cars towed in with broken suspension parts from where they’ve slid off the road,” said Plumb Springs Garage technician George Beezle.

Beezle said there are a few key tricks to knowing if your vehicle is ready to drive or if it will slip and slide. 

“You want to manage your momentum,” he began. “You can gear down, and you should make sure you’re slowing down at stoplights while ahead [of them] instead of waiting until you get right there, because you’re just going to slide.”

Beezle said when you do hit an icy patch, stuff the myths in the trunk and keep your hands on the wheel. 

“You want to countersteer when it starts sliding sideways” He explained. “You want to make sure you’re steering the direction you want to go.”

Before any of that, George said you should never chance icy roads with bald tires. 

He said no grooves in the tires is a sign of old wear and tear. He advised to check for grooves with deep tread as well as check for no cracking or dry rotting.

So, keep your foot on the brakes, your hands on the wheel and your tires in check, and you’ll be ready for whatever snow front dares make its way through the South.