3rd District rivals clash on taxes, health care, impeachment

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Kentucky’s lone Democratic congressman says he believes President Donald Trump has committed impeachable offenses. But he says the House should only proceed with impeachment if the effort draws bipartisan support.

At a debate Wednesday, U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth said that without support from Democrats and some Republicans, it would be a waste of Congress’ time to proceed. The Louisville Democrat has co-sponsored articles of impeachment against the Republican president.

Yarmuth’s handling of the matter drew criticism from his opponent in next month’s election, Republican Vickie Yates Glisson. She said it shows Yarmuth is too partisan and called it “appalling” to target someone with impeachment with no intention of moving forward.

The two rivals in the Louisville-area 3rd District also clashed over health care policy and taxes during the hourlong debate.