Hunters, donate venison to target hunger

Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Record inflation is impacting many families and food insecurity is an issue for many. 

With modern firearm deer season firing up this Friday, hunters have a unique way to help feed our families.

Hunger in Kentucky affects over 700,000 people, according to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Those statistics affect 1 in 7 adults.

The Kentucky Hunger Initiative is calling all deer hunters to help change these numbers.

As deer season opens up here in Kentucky, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture encourages hunters to consider donating their harvests.

Agriculture Commissioner Dr. Ryan Quarles said, “When deer season opens this Saturday, when I’m in my tree stand, we can choose to donate venison to those less fortunate here in Kentucky.”

Hunters can donate venison to the nonprofit organization Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry. The organization processes and distributes donated venison to those in need.

Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry executive director Roger LaPointe said, “Kentucky has been blessed with an overabundance of deer. The biggest need that they have is for protein. And that’s what the Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry provide is the much-needed protein.”

LaPointe says KHFH receives roughly 2000 deer per year. At four servings per pound, LaPoint says the nonprofit gives out around 320,000 protein-rich servings per year.

Quarles adds, This is an opportunity for us to have a little bit of fun, help out those in need, and reduce our deer population across Kentucky.”

Head over to Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry’s website to learn how you can start targeting hunger.

If you’re a landowner who needs help controlling deer depredation, check out KHFH’s “Kentucky Whitetail Access” program – the free service matches landowners with hunters.