‘How would you spend $1.9 billion?’ BG community answers

Record-high Powerball winner announced tonight!

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – What would you do with almost 2 billion dollars? That’s the question everyone across the nation is asking.

Monday night’s Powerball Jackpot winnings are the largest in U.S. lottery history. 

News 40 reporter Meghann Stamps caught up with the Bowling Green community to see what some of you would do with your winnings… 

David Brock said, “Man, there’d be no more worries for me and my family…I’d make some good investments…. I worked for GM for 25 years. Never owned a Corvette, so I’d get an orange Corvette.”

Kara Hendrix added, “I’m gonna pay off all my student loans, and then I’m gonna buy a house, possibly two. And I’ll probably convince a celebrity [favorite] of mine to meet me…. It’s either gonna be Henry Cavill or Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Peter Fields also weighed in saying, “I would probably donate it to some human trafficking rescue organizations.” As far as an impulse purchase, Fields says he’d go with a private jet. 

We find out who is the nation’s newest billionaire tonight at 9:59 p.m. Central Time.