Gun Runner 2022 breeding season fetches $130K for tornado recovery


FRANKLIN, Ky. – A couple of horse racing titans teamed up to donate $230,000 to tornado relief efforts.

One multi-million horse single-handedly raised a huge amount for tornado recovery.

Tuesday night, Three Chimneys Farm and Kentucky Downs’ co-owner Ron Winchell raised $130,000 from auctioning one mare breeding right to the Farm’s award winning stallion, Gun Runner. 

On top of that, Kentucky Downs and Three Chimneys are also donating $50,000 each to tornado relief, for the grand total of $230,000. 

Three Chimneys Farm vice-chair Doug Cauthen said, “The owners, the family and Ron just wanted to do their part, and this is a good way to do it. Hopefully it’ll go to a good cause.”

Kentucky Downs and Three Chimneys said they want to identify areas of most need before deciding exactly where to send money.