Guardians of the Children plant pinwheels for KY’s abused children

91,000 KY children represented

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – For the second year now, our Vette City Guardians of the Children planted pinwheels in honor of National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

This past Saturday, the bike enthusiasts placed blue and silver pinwheels outside Bowling Green’s Family Enrichment Center.

GOC says these 91 pinwheels represent the  91,000 reported Kentucky children who’ve suffered child abuse represented.

Guardians of the Children vice president and child liaison Dawn Westphalen said, “Hopefully, we’ll all be out of jobs and just be riding around for no reason one day. That’s our dream. Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near soon. There are way too many kids being abused right now.”

GOC asks you to help them pay attention and work together to prevent child abuse.