Glasgow High School student passes; school district provides mental health resources

GLASGOW, Ky. – A heartbreaking story continues to unfold at Glasgow High School, where a student who suffered a medical emergency on January 20th has now passed away. 

In response to this loss, the Glasgow Independent School District has taken immediate steps to support the students, faculty, and parents who have been affected.

Mental health counselors and therapy dogs have been brought in to provide comfort, while the Green River Regional Education Co-op crisis response team has also joined the efforts to offer assistance. 

Glasgow Independent Schools Superintendent Chad Muhlenkamp told News 40, “As a parent, as a superintendent, it’s hard to imagine the grief that the family is feeling…. There are other things that we will be looking at as time moves on to make sure that we continue the conversations  of anything dealing with grief or other things of that nature.”

The school district has also issued guidelines to parents on how they can support their children, including tips on talking about feelings, writing a letter, and finding healthy coping mechanisms such as reading, listening to music, and exercise.