Get your roof checked after the snow – roof leaks extremely common

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – For people who are trying to clean up after tornado damage, now Mother Nature’s adding insult to injury with the snow.

Once snow melts and refreezes, new water has nowhere to go, so it spreads through roofs and causes leaks. 

Some roofs are experiencing interior leaks made even worse from the original tornado damage, according to CMS Roofing & Restoration.

CMS Roofing & Restoration worked double-time Friday, fixing ice dams and tornado damaged roofs left and right.

CMS Roofing & Restoration said if you don’t get the drains looked at in time, it can cause more than just leaks. 

Mold build up, gutters breaking, ceiling collapse or even building collapse are all consequences of not checking on your roof in time.

If your roof has been effected by the tornado, you can apply for FEMA assistance. Also, if you’ve experienced ice damage to your roof, make sure to reach out to insurance or a get an inspection.