Epilepsy Support Group to meet in Bowling Green; find your community

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – While an epilepsy diagnosis can be mild for some, others can experience social isolation and despair, alienated from day-to-day interactions due to their condition. 

The newfound Epilepsy Social/Support Group of Western KY will begin regular meetups at The Hive every second Thursday of the Month.

According to 2015 CDC data, roughly 50,000 epileptics live in Kentucky alone. 

EpilepsySGWKY says there has not been an epilepsy support group in Bowling Green in the last 10 years. That’s why they’re starting up these free gatherings and activities for people who suffer from the diagnosis.

One local mom says she founded this group to give her daughter community, after watching her quality of life suffer since the diagnosis. 

Deborah Yarberry says her daughter and others suffering from epilepsy “deserve to have friends and a full life, and just because they live with epilepsy doesn’t mean their life should be different than anyone else.”

You can check out the support group’s Facebook page to go ahead and start connecting with your community.