Empowerment and awareness against sexual violence: Bowling Green unites for Hope Harbor’s Take Back the Night

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Bowling Green’s Hope Harbor helped once again brought the community together to raise sexual violence awareness.

The nonprofit celebrated its annual Take Back the Night event Friday night at the SoKY Marketplace Pavilion,

Hope Harbor united local food trucks, nonprofits, and small businesses to create a platform for empowerment and awareness against sexual violence. 

The organization says Take Back the Night is also a way to show support for victims of sexual assault… a number that’s high here in the Commonwealth.  

Executive Director Melissa Whitley said, “Almost 50 percent of Kentucky women and 18 percent of Kentucky men experienced sexual violence at some point in their lifetime. So, to have events like this shows that individuals aren’t alone.”

Hope Harbor wants to connect with any of you watching who need a community of supporters against sexual assault. 

Click here to connect now.