Dance Big Red prepares to change lives

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- The night many have been waiting for is finally here. Different Western Kentucky University campus organizations came out to the Preston Center to make sure all was ready for Dance Big Red, a dance-a-thon from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. to benefit Norton Children’s Hospital and its sister organizations in Louisville. This included setting the entire stage, along with banners. The WKU ROTC was one of the groups who volunteered to help.

“It’s a great opportunity to help out the community on campus. It feels great. I get to have a change to help out other people, and that’s what being a part of the ROTC program is all about,” said Barber.

Hayley Cooper with the Alpha Delta Pi sorority was tasked with organizing the preparations, and she said she’s amazed at how it all came together.

“It’s mind blowing that so many college students just can come together and put all this together in just one day and raise that much money and help so many people. It’s out of the world,” said Cooper

And during the set-up process, Cooper is keeping her eyes on the big picture of Dance Big Red.

“Probably just how many kids are impacted and how we made such a difference and obviously whenever things at Norton’s…when they’re able to open up new wings and develop new technology and getting to see all that is the big takeaway,” said Cooper.