Covid cases rising locally, Med Center currently has 4 covid patients on ventilators

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Medical Center at Bowling Green currently is treating 22 patients diagnosed with covid. Seven of those patients are in ICU, while four are on ventilators.

Of those 22 being treated in the hospital, 63 percent were unvaccinated.

As of Wednesday, Team Kentucky’s official Covid-19 daily report says that there are 876 confirmed new cases across the state.

Med Center Health Emergency Room Medical Director Dr. William Moss says with this new Delta variant, the hospital has seen a sharp increase in covid patients in the last two weeks, with patient numbers higher than they were in January.

“A few weeks ago, we thought we were out of this, and we all let our guard down. That was natural, and no blame,” Moss said.

“It was just something that we did as a society, and I think that this Delta wave, this Delta variant, rather, has kind of come as a surprise to a lot of people.

“Before we could get the word out in Warren everybody to take cover from this, it just sort of hit all of the sudden. So, again, those who are vaccinated, or who have had it are doing very well.

“Those who are not vaccinated in a general sense across the state are not doing very well. We know the death rate is not that high just yet, but there’s always a lag time that we may start seeing more deaths.

Medical Center Urgentcare off of Lovers Lane is offering free covid vaccines from 8 a.m. through 8 p.m. for anyone over age 12. Anyone under 18 needs a parent with them. Just simply walk in, no appointment needed.

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