Break down your ballot: Amendments 1, 2 & Munfordville wet/dry explained

MUNFORDVILLE, Ky. – When you’re out at the polls to vote for your local legislators, you’ll also see two amendments on that ballot as well. Let’s refresh.

First off, proposed Kentucky Constitutional Amendment 1.

If the amendment passes, it would take away power from the governor’s office and give more power to Kentucky General Assembly.

Right now, Kentucky and 13 other states have it set up where the state governor is the only one who can call legislators into a special session.

A yes vote would let legislators call themselves into a special session without the governor’s say-so.

Western Kentucky University Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. Jeff Budziak explains, “This is undoubtedly a reflection of the fact that we have a Republican-dominated legislature that is sometimes unhappy with the things that Governor Beshear does and want to have the power to bring themselves back into session to potentially undo some of those things.”

Next, let’s break down proposed Constitutional Amendment 2.

In summary, a yes vote means you are voting to keep the power to make Kentucky’s abortion decisions with our state legislators.

A winning no vote does not mean Kentucky will automatically become a pro-choice state.

If “no” wins, our state courts (the Judiciary Branch) will gain the ability to interpret our State of Kentucky’s constitution and decide if there’s room for abortion rights.

Click here to watch News 40’s full deep dive explaining Amendment 2. There, you can find everything you need to know about the abortion-related amendment.

Finally, if you’re casting your vote in Hart County, you’ll see an additional question on your ballot.

Voters, you’ll be able to weigh in on the city of Munfordville’s long-standing dry-city status.

Munfordville native Harold Cottrell proposed and petitioned the question.  He explained, “We’ve been a dry county for a lot of years now, and it’s come up on the ballot a few times and it keeps getting shot down…. The counties around us that have adopted alcohol have done it all smoothly without a hitch…So, we’ll see what happens this time.”

Visit your county clerk’s office tomorrow to see where you can cast your ballot.