Bowling Green semi-truck manufacturing plant will create close to 300 jobs

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – One of the world’s largest semi-truck manufacturers, Fruehauf, is opening up their first facility in the United States in years in Bowling Green. 

The company will invest over $12 million and create more than 288 jobs. The economic impact of this project will exceed $1 billion dollars over the next decade, according to a release from the Chamber of Commerce.

Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce President and chief executive officer Ron Bunch said that locals can expect more jobs to arise from this investment further down the line.

“In addition to the 288 jobs that they’ll create, there will be  many other jobs created in the economy that sort of drives behind that $1 billion economic impact. It’s really great to have sort of the forerunner in this market segment in our community complementing the automotive and other types of manufacturers we have in the area,” said Bunch.

People looking to apply to Fruehauf can reach out to the regional workforce board where they’re taking applicant names.