Bowling Green residents cheer the end of mask mandate

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – June 11th marks the first day in Kentucky that the COVID-19 mask mandate will be lifted in many months.

In Bowling Green, the feelings about the lifted mandate appeared to be strongly positive.

Around the square in Bowling Green, people shared their opinions when asked what they will do with their masks.

Robert Chinn said, “I don’t know. It seems I have masks everywhere, all over my house, in the glove box of my cars. I’ll probably keep some just for certain situations.”

Debbie Joharp said, “Throw them away I guess. .. I’m tired of them. Very glad. Very glad it’s lifting. Very happy. It’s over and done with, hopefully.”

Chris Ackerman said, “Recycle them. Keep them as handkerchiefs.”

Mito Gonzalez said, “I don’t really want to keep it, cause I don’t really want to remind what was last year.”

Jenna Head said, “I’m really excited. I was a senior in high school whenever COVID hit, and it made me miss out on a lot of big opportunities. I never got my senior prom, and I never got a graduation. So, I’m, honestly really excited to just go back to as normal of a life as we can get.”