Barren County Reads and Feeds needs donations

GLASGOW, Ky. – The Barren County Reads and Feeds bus lights up children’s faces every time the horn starts honking. The non-profit provides meal kit boxes – always served with books – for families in need of extra help. 

The bus runs five days a week, serving breakfast and lunch. 

The Reads and Feeds runs through the Barren County Nutrition Services whose staff plus some other helpers have served over 1,ooo,000 and over 4,000 families since last March with their bulk deliveries. 

To keep serving these families, they need book donations and canned food donations to keep their deliveries afloat. They also are looking for bus drivers and even plastic bags to serve food with. 

Reads and Feed’s worker Angie Riddle said that once the pandemic started, summer feeding became a huge priority in the county.

“You watch them grow from diapers to toddlers, then first grade and second grade. Just watching them, and they still know your name when you go to Walmart, and there’s Ms. Angie from the big red bus, and we take family pictures even in Walmart, and so, they’re family. You’re not just going out and handing out a plate of food, it’s family now. Everyone’s family on the route,” said Riddle.

To donate, people can visit the Barren County Reads and Feeds Facebook page.